Our cloud based IoT software, Selective LIMS, is capable of integrating with any cannabis test devices as long as the firmware can be modified to communicate with our API via internet.

Selective LIMS is fully integrated with our CannabiMeter and our end to end solution can cover all the needs from performing the actual test, storing and displaying the results on our web or mobile interfaces.

The producers of cannabis products use many sophisticated lab tests in order to make sure they meet the legal standards of the chemical levels in their products. As such, they have to prepare their lab samples on a regular basis and send them to test labs and obtain the results in order to make proper decisions for the next steps needed to properly grow the cannabis plants.

One of the disadvantages of how the cannabis professionals receive the lab test results is that such results are not stored for future reference and in the case of field tests, they are not immediately available to others involved in the process.

Selective LIMS addresses both issues by being able to receive real-time test results from CannabiMeter or any other test devices, store the test results and it accessible for end users via web or mobile interfaces.

Selective LIMS is capable of analyzing and graphing the data to help growers monitor their plant growth and THC progress.