About Selective Lab

Selective Lab is a frontier in building sensors that can measure THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) in body fluids, crops, herbal products, medicines, soil and many other mediums.

Our motivation is making cannabis and hemp THC tests accessible, affordable and real-time, by using cost effective technology combined with Internet of things and cloud.

Our primary focus is on making THC measurements in cannabis and hemp easy and affordable.


THC test in cannabis is not only important for final product that is sold to the end users, it is also an important factor that affects the decisions cannabis growers have to make as they grow their cultivars.

Not having enough information about the THC amount can often result in poor final product quality and client dissatisfaction.

All of THC tests are expensive and time consuming. Selective Lab's tests are designed to eliminate these problems so doing THC tests will become simple and cost effective for growers.

Selective Lab THC test

Our mission to use our technology to make in-process THC measurements for cannabis accessible and available via cloud. So the growers can see the test results from anywhere and rely on the immediate data to make good decisions for their business.


The allowable THC level in hemp in the United States is 0.3%. Farmers and growers whose hemp has more than 0.3% will not be able to sell their products and it will have disastrous consequences for their business.

Many farmers grow hemp in large amounts without proper THC measurements and they only know that they have more than 0.3% of THC when it is too late and they will have to destroy their entire products.

Selective Lab's technology is designed to enable such farmers measure THC with very low cost and at anytime and be able to protect their livelihood from unwanted consequences.

Selective Lab Hemp THC test


Future Technology

Selective Lab Inc. technology has the capability to make affordable lab tests accessible to many other industries and individuals and for measuring many other chemicals.

As we open our technology to other industries, we will announce them publicly.




CannabiMeter, low cost and real-time THC test

Selective Lab's CannabiMeter has made it possible for growers, large or small, to measure THC as they grow their cultivars and develop their products.

CannabiMeter, low cost and real-time THC test