About Selective Lab

Selective Lab is a frontier in building sensors that can measure chemicals in body fluids, crops, herbal products, medicines, soil and many other mediums.

Our motivation is making lab tests accessible, affordable and real-time and smarter, by using cost effective technology combined with Internet of things, artificial intelligence and cloud.

Our expertise

Our team of highly accomplished scientists, engineers and pioneers have been able to bring to life products and solutions that have never been developed that have been always sought after by subject matter experts.

In addition to the ready-made products that we have developed and are used by industry experts, we offer custom-made products that are aimed to cater to the needs of each industry.

To learn more about these products, read more on our Products and Services page.


CannabiMeter, low cost and real-time THC test

Selective Lab's CannabiMeter has made it possible for growers, large or small, to measure THC as they grow their cultivars and develop their products.

CannabiMeter, low cost and real-time THC test