Selective Lab has proprietary technology that makes it possible to perform cannabis tests in various samples accurately, fast and cost effective.



Selective Lab's CannabiMeterTM is able to measure the THC level is cannabis samples in a matter of less than a minute. It is mainly used to perform R&D testing on cannabis samples, for setting trends on new cultivars and perform tests when growing and on demand.

The test results are able to help growers make proper decision as the tests are very easy to do and economic, so growers can do as many tests as they need and have the data at their fingertips in the cloud at any time. Learn more about our IoT cloud based software.




The CannabiMeterTM uses Selective Lab's electrodes to measure THC in the cannabis or hemp samples.

These electrodes along with the sample preparation kit help the growers to only need few drops of the samples extract to measure THC in their cultivars.

Selective Lab electrodes are designed at nano and molecular level that makes them suitable for accurately measuring THC is samples.

Our proprietary electrodes are designed to be extremely affordable and disposable.

Our entire technology is designed in such a way that anyone can use it and monitor THC at anytime.

 Cloud and Software

Selective Lab's CannabiMeterTM is able to upload the test results immediately into the cloud, making it possible for growers to compare their results with the previous tests and have constant access to their test results to make proper business decisions. Lean more about our software.